Fashion show provides insight into ethnic style


Manal Salim

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Video by Urmila Kutikkad
Today, Thursday, March 7, RBHS Global Village hosted a unique fashion show, exhibiting stylish outfits from all over the world. Strutting down the benches, the cultural attire showcased everything from vibrant, colorful garments, sequins sparkling in the sun, to models sleek, black dresses cascading down the runway.
Despite the appealing fashions the show displayed to the RBHS student body, the event itself allowed for enjoyment and learning to occur at the same time. In viewing the outfits worn by the models with heritage from all across the globe, onlookers had the opportunity to visually experience another country’s customs and gain a little knowledge about another place in the world.
“The fashion show is fun and I just want to show people how we dress in Nigeria,” junior Mubinah Khaleel said. “It felt good to be a part of it and have a lot of people watching you and seeing what different cultures you come from.”
However, rather than choosing to educate her fellow peers, junior Subah Mohua took the opportunity to take part in the event in order to experience a cultural session that she wouldn’t usually take part in every day.
“I wanted to participate in the show because it’s really a lot of fun,” Mohua said, “and I get to dress up in something that I wouldn’t usually wear.”
Being a part of the fashion show was indeed worth it at the end of the day, Mohua explained. Mohua found the most enjoyment in being surrounded with models and members of the audience who also found the event to be pleasurable.
“It felt great to be a part of the fashion show,” Mohua said. “Just being with friends and dressing up was great, and hearing everyone clapping and cheering was really nice.”
Among those who were applauding in the audience, junior Leenah Mustafa, though not a part of the fashion show, found delight in the occasion supporting her peers and the interesting and ethnic roles they fulfilled in the fashion show.
“I wanted to watch the fashion show because all my friends were in it,” Mustafa said. “I was in the front row as moral support and to take pictures too. My favorite part was the people walking down the runway, and doing crazy stuff to show off their culture too. [The fashion show] provides diversity in the whole thing. It was all really cool and interesting to see the different fashion of cultures.”
Overall, the Global Village fashion show as a whole allowed for students to visualize what it may be like in another country through the cultural attire displayed. It’s ethnic charm and providing of entertainment keeps students like Mustafa intrigued year after year.
“I would definitely watch the show again because it’s fun to watch a different form of fashion,” Mustafa said.” “It’s like a little looking glass into so many different countries and cultures. It gives students a chance to share their traditions and be proud of who they are.”
By Manal Salim