Dancers draw crowds during Global Village


Urmilla Kuttikad

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Today, on March 6, a multi-ethnic team of dancers took the floor in the main commons during A and B lunch and performed three numbers inspired by classic Indian songs. The event was a part of the festivities surrounding Global Village week.
The dancers have been practicing for the event since early February, with practices late in the evening around 8:00. The all-women number was choreographed by seniors Sumidha Katti and Ipsa Chaudury, while seniors Rajesh Satpathy and Vikram Arun choreographed the men’s dance. All four collaborated to come up with the moves for the couple’s dance that served as the event’s finale.
“[The choreography] was like, from my heart. The India people just did it,” Arun said. “It came out from our souls.”
As a whole, the dance team represents a diverse cultural background, with white, Asian and Indian members. The costumes worn by the entire team, however, were all authentic clothing from India, first introduced during the dress rehearsal on March 5.
“Unfortunately, yesterday I had a last minute sickness  so I was unable to perform at [the dress rehearsal],” dancer and senior Drew Floyd said. “But thankfully we had practice many-a-time before, and even without that last practice, I felt really well prepared for the dancing.”
The dances drew quite a crowd both lunches, with the seats set out for spectators completely filled and the hallways around the dance floor occupied by standing observers. Spectator Duha Shabeeb enjoyed the dance, as she often does.
“I always have fun every year watching it, and it’s going to be sad that this is the last year for Global Village,” Shabeeb said. “The guys’ Indian dance was probably my favorite.”
After the final number, the dance team all went out to lunch together and then performed their dance on the sidewalk next to Providence. Floyd said they hope they’re able to perform at the rescheduled Midwinter Assembly, especially because for him dancing is a way to relieve stress and find one’s personal rhythm.
“You don’t think about anything. You go with the flow,” Floyd said. “You just find the beat and go with it, and dance your heart out.”
By Jake Alden
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