Yearbook hosts photo booth for seniors


Photo by Daphne Yu

Maddie Magruder

Photo by Daphne Yu
Photo by Daphne Yu
This Thursday, Feb. 21, before school and after school as well as during both lunches, a photo booth will be open to seniors. Photos taken will go into this year’s Flashback, RBHS’s yearbook. This is the first year the yearbook will offer the photo booth.
Senior “Flashback” editor-in-chief Drew Rodgers said the yearbook staff wanted to make the yearbook particularly memorable this year for seniors, so they came up with the photo booth.
“We decided that adding in little photos of seniors along the bottom of the senior ad spreads would be a good idea,” Rodgers said.
“Flashback” will provide props the photo booth, allowing participants to mix and match to create the perfect picture. Seniors can bring their own props for photos as well.
“If all goes as planned,” Rodgers said. “It will be like a photo booth where everyone can be serious, make silly faces or just be completely outrageous.”
Fellow senior, “Flashback” EIC Makayla Baker, said something that is fun now will turn into memories later. She encourages all seniors to come to the photo booth with classmates and help “Flashback” capture their memories of senior year.
“The yearbook is made for everyone at RBHS, but since it’s seniors’ last year, it is a chance for them to get their picture in [the yearbook],” Baker said. “Also since it will be handed out at the end of the year, it will be kind of like a closing for [seniors].”
The photo booth will be outside of the planetarium.
By Maddie Magruder