Meet courtwarming king candidate Matt Priest


Photo by Aniqa Rahman

Jacqueline LeBlanc

Photo by Aniqa Rahman
Photo by Aniqa Rahman
What was your reaction after hearing you were one of the nominees?
“I was actually pretty surprised because there are a lot of good dudes that are seniors that deserved it as much as I did.  So when I heard my name I felt really really honored.”
What do you think of this year’s theme for courtwarming?
“I think it’s pretty cool, but I would’ve liked the Rock Bridge University one a lot better.  But, this one’s cool because everyone likes movies., everyone can probably relate to it.”
How do you plan on involving the student body with the courtwarming activities?
“I will just encourage them to get involved by dressing up everyday and following the spirit week.  Just always be ready to have some fun.”
What school activities do you participate in?
“I do FCA, Bruins United, Young Republicans and I play baseball.”

What courtwarming activity do you look forward to the most? Dread the most?
“I look forward to and I dread the same thing.  I like the dancing thing but I’m not the best dancer.”
By Jacqueline LeBlanc