Election 2012: A Mind Divided


The spectrum of recent presidents on the political scale. Art by Hyelee Won

Anna Wright

As Election Day, Nov. 6, 2012, drew closer and closer, The ROCK investigated how different factors impacted students’ political views.
Upon receiving his first paycheck in the mail, excitement overwhelmed junior Adam Burnam. But when he tore open the crisp white envelope, his face fell in disappointment. The government took two of every 10 hours pay from his check, and the money went right into the greedy mouth of Uncle Sam, Burnam said. Flooded with disappointment and a sense of unfairness, he remembered once again the myriad reasons he chooses to identify as a Republican.
Burnam is one of many opinionated students open to fervent debate regarding political stances, begging the question of how these opinions arose in the first place. Students are quick to defend their political stances, claiming they develop these beliefs based on their own experiences rather than simply emulating those of their parents.
As an passionate member of Young Republicans, Burnam said his political affiliation was a personal choice rather than a lifestyle his parents forced on him. He compares the forming of these ideologies with the way he may idolize any other character…
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