Annual film festival provides fresh experience


Daphne Yu

True/False Logo. Image used under fair use doctrine.
True/False Logo. Image used under fair use doctrine.
One of Columbia’s biggest events begins in less than a month. The tenth annual True/False Film Fest begins Thursday, Feb. 28 and ends on Sunday, March 3. If history is a guide, then this festival will be memorable from the March March Parade to the Buskers Last Stand.
If you understood that sentence, then you’ve probably already bought your tickets and made your plans. But it you don’t know how to stand in the “Q” and the word “buskers” doesn’t ring a bell, then you are in need of a little introduction.
First of all, True/False is a gathering of people from across the world to watch films straight from Sundance and the Toronto Film Festival and even previously unreleased movies. Also, the films are either documentaries or “mockumentaries,” fake documentaries.
I know, when I say “documentary”, you probably think, “Oh God, can I fall asleep already?” But these aren’t those terrible History Channel films you had to sit through in world studies. These are inspirational, interesting and beautifully crafted works of art.
My first True/False memory was standing in the queue line between two people from opposite ends of the country. We struck up a lively conversation to pass the time. This is just one of the perks of the festival — meeting interesting people. However, when I got to the front of the line, I realized that I didn’t have a Q number, so I couldn’t attend the movie.
My second experience was the film The Redemption of General Butt Naked from the 2011 festival. While it may not have been the best movie I’ve ever seen, I was hooked. I went to two more films that year and many more in 2012.
That year, I set out on my own. I got to the Missouri Theatre at 6:00 in the morning to get into the Q line early to get my tickets. I picked up a quick bite at Chipotle and then went into the first film. From there, everything just got more exciting.
Now, I know True/False doesn’t appeal to everybody. However, you should at least watch one film this year. I know it’s cliche, but you can’t know that you won’t like it until you try it. The schedule is out, so find one that suits your interests and watch it.
And before you go learn from my mistakes, as well as those of Nomin Jagdagdorj, learn first how to festival.
By Brett Stover
What is your best/worst True/False experience? Any tips for first timers?