Show choirs raise funds for Honor Flight

Adam Schoelz

The Show Choir fundraiser Thursday night was in the name of the Central Missouri Honor Flight, a non-profit organization devoted to letting the remaining veterans of the second world war visit the memorial built in their honor in Washington D.C. Many veterans haven’t flown in decades or at all, and many are running out of time to visit our nation’s capital — 20 World War II veterans die every day in Missouri, according to
The choir raised more than $4,000, more than any previous Show Choir Benefit concert had in the past, with the exception of one several years ago that raised over $5,000 for a paralyzed RBHS alumnus. The benefit is an annual tradition for the show choirs, a way to give back to the community while also showcasing some of the improvements made by the choir since their premieres in January. City Lights choir member senior Sarah Pritchett said performing for veterans was a special moment for the choirs.
“I think it was really important for the show choir to do, especially with Satin ‘n Lace’s show this year being — not American, but really patriotic, and it probably took some of those veterans back to when they were younger and the tours that girls would do for everyone overseas, and it was great experience,” Pritchett said. “The video was really moving — we didn’t see it during the show, but we watched it today, and it made a bunch of people tear up.”


By Adam Schoelz