Sophomore quarterback hopes to lead Bruins to victory over Kewpies tonight

Alyssa Piecko

Photo by Maddy Jones
Buzz about the Providence Bowl swarmed the halls, Twitter and Facebook this week, but through it all the the football team had to maintain focus.
The anticipation that comes with this crosstown rivalry is enough to put academics on the back burner, but for quarterback Logan Twehous this Friday, Sept. 21 brings a new thrill. As a sophomore it’s his first time to step onto the Faurot field as a Bruin.

Though the Friday night lights might be bright, especially with so many Columbians watching, head coach A.J. Ofodoile said he expects Twehous will hold up well given how strong his play was in the home opener against DeSmet High School.

“Logan Twehous had a solid performance in our first game,” Ofodile said. “He has a great deal of potential, and he is working hard to continue to improve.”
His teammates, too, see him as essential to the Bruins’ success over the Kewpies.

“I was blown away with his performance [in the DeSmet game]. It’s even crazier that we were down at half, and he brought us back and we won by 13,” senior safety West Wilson said. “That’s something you’d hope a senior QB could pull off, and he did it in his first game.”

Twehous’ teammates believe that he lives up to the standards set for him, from past seasons. He lives up to what it means to be a quarterback.

“He is a great quarterback. He is very level headed for a sophomore. I trust him to come through when we need him,” said senior Kaleb Gadson, who plays center and guard. “I believe he is setting new standards  because he is a sophomore starting varsity as a quarterback and he’s doing a great job”

Twehous doesn’t take his calm demeanor for granted. He realizes his role as the quarterback makes him responsible for encouraging others to bring their best to every game, not just the ones the local media hype.
“I don’t see me being the leader or anybody on the team being the clear cut leader. I think we just have a bunch of guys that want to go out, get better and win games,” Twehous said. “I guess  there’s probably pressure put on me by my team and coaches. I know there is, but I put enough pressure on myself. I don’t really focus on the pressure they’re putting on me because I want to win.”
By Alyssa Piecko