Flashback deadlines fast approaching


Marissa Soumokil

Photo by Daphne Yu
The yearbook staff is nearly halfway finished with this year’s Flashback edition. As loose ends fall into place, last minute orders and deadlines for photo changes are fast approaching. Students will have the last chance to order yearbooks Thursday, Jan. 31.
In addition, club photos will take place tomorrow, Jan. 29 – Friday, Feb. 1.
“One of the coolest things about being a senior is being able to choose your own photo to be used in the yearbook, but as a yearbook staff, we can’t accept them [for] very much longer,” senior Laurel Critchfield, a Flashback editor, said. “The panel pages have to be sent to be printed in a few weeks.”
Chances to replace photos cannot stay open all year because of the staff’s obligation to its publisher. Flashback will post school photos in front of the main office for students to correct misspellings and other mistakes in early February. The same time restrictions also apply to the purchase of a yearbook as well.
“In the past years, students have wanted to purchase a yearbook when everyone who has pre-purchased one receives theirs at the end of the year,” senior Makayla Baker, Flashback editor, said. “Not only do we have a very limited amount of extra books, we cannot give them out until a few days after they come out. Unfortunately, more extras cannot be ordered, so once we run out, you will lose those memories forever.”
In addition to panel pages, deadlines for the reference section of the yearbook, which includes club photos, are also coming up. However, the staff has only received confirmation from a few clubs, and the Flashback staff is worried some clubs do not know about signing up for photos.
“I am concerned that we won’t have any clubs showing up for their group picture because there is no communication among members of those clubs,” senior Stazi Prost, Flashback editor, said. “If clubs want to be featured, communication is essential.”
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By Marissa Soumokil