Bruins fall short in third overtime to Kewpies


Junior Nick Norton practices dribbling after school. Photo by Patrick Smith.

Tyler Dunlap

Junior Nick Norton gets ready to shoot a basket Jan. 22 while teammate junior Jackson Dubinski stands guard. Photo by Erin Kleekamp
Junior Nick Norton gets ready to shoot a basket Jan. 22 while teammate junior Jackson Dubinski stands guard. Photo by Erin Kleekamp
On Tuesday, Jan. 22, the RBHS Bruins played the Hickman High School Kewpies for the second time this year. After losing the first game 48-55 to the Kewpies, the Bruins lost the second game with a heartbreaking score of 74-78. This cross-town rivalry has been going on for many years, and last night, the rivalry was in full swing. Fans of both Hickman and RBHS packed the stands of the RBHS gymnasium. The atmosphere was like that of a playoff or championship game, both sides chanting and cheering for their team and jeering at the opposing team.
The game started off very quickly, both teams matching each other point for point. It was obvious these teams were very evenly matched. Both teams showed their ability to shoot three pointers and play in transition.
At halftime, the score was 29-28 in favor of the Bruins.
After a huge third quarter for the Bruins, RBHS took a lead of 13 points at one time, but the Kewpies slowly came back to tie it with 1:18 left to go in a nerve-wracking fourth quarter.
The fourth quarter ended in a tie, 65-65 — the game was going into overtime. Overtime made the atmosphere more intense, but both teams continued playing carefully, trying to keep their nerves under control and not make any mistakes. As the first overtime wore down, the game became more and more of a nail-biter. Each team took leads of only a point or two at a time, keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats.
The first overtime ended in a tie, leading to a second overtime. During the second overtime, the Bruins tried to wear down the clock as long as possible in order to get in a last-second shot and take the victory, but when the last shot didn’t fall, the game headed into triple overtime.
In triple overtime, everyone in the stands was fired up. The game had clutch shots, fancy layups and perfectly executed play; this game had it all. However, the Kewpies took a lead late in triple overtime and held onto it to take the win.
“In all my years of coaching, I have never seen a game go into triple overtime,” head basketball coach Jim Scanlon said. “It was definitely an awesome game. It’s hard to see our guys play with that much heart and not come out with a win, but we got a lot of games left: we’ll bounce back. I feel bad for anyone [who] missed the game.”
By Tyler Dunlap