Student Council chooses Bruin Bear


Atreyo Ghosh

Today after school, students tried out for RBHS’s Bruin Bear mascot. The judges were Student Council members. All students could try out for the role and a chance to represent the school at sporting events.
A total of 15 students signed up to audition, although Student Council member senior Sydney Strong said only five students ultimately showed up to the try outs. The judges graded the applicants on four categories: creativity, enthusiasm and interaction with the crowd, sense of rhythm and how well the applicant could move around in the costume.
Because RBHS has multiple sports and teams, multiple mascots are a necessity; all five students who tried out are the Bruin Bear mascot.
Take an inside look at the tryouts.
By Atreyo Ghosh
Additional reporting by Ipsa Chaudary and Julia Schaller
Photos by Asa Lory 
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