Table tennis club offers chance for friendly competition

Brett Stover

Feature photo by Nomin Jagdagdorj
Probably what most teens know about table tennis comes from “Balls of Fury” and the ferocious Chinese athletes that dominate the sport in the Olympics. However, on many Fridays, sounds of Ping-Pong balls ricocheting echo in the downstairs tunnel of Rock Bridge High School.
“It’s a good way to have a friendly competition,” said senior Jacob Freyermuth, a member of the table tennis club.
Today five boys attended, who said the small group allows for a friendlier atmosphere, but the group is always looking for more players; they say  students should join the club if they are interested in playing the sport at a higher level.
“If you play it at a more competitive level,” senior Dmitriy Rozenblat said, “it’s a good way to keep in shape.”
Also suggested at their latest meeting was moving the meeting site of the club to member senior Jonathan Ackmann’s house. However, this plan has not been finalized.
For any interested students, contact Freyermuth, Rozenblat, Ackmann for more information.
By Brett Stover and Sophie Whyte