CPAC dancers say year-long time sacrifice is worth it

Victoria Vizcarra

The Columbia Performing Arts Center provides classes for those who have a love of dancing. Photo by Victoria Vizcarra
To some Rock Bridge students, the Columbia Performing Arts Center may just have been a giant, elegant building at the end of sophomore alley. But to the girls that devoted their life to dance, it was a second home.
Students such as sophomores Stephanie Stricker and Erin Concannon have attended regular dance classes since the age of three and each year their commitment has increased. They say it is because the dancers grow together.
“Dance class is really fun because I’m with all my best friends working hard and always having fun together,” said Concannon, who has been friends with Stricker for 13 years. “We’re like a big family.”
Although the school year has brought busy times with homework, projects and their social lives, dancers at CPAC say their love of the art form has helped them with the rehearsals that occur several times a week. Throwing in hours of exhausting dance practice seemed crazy, but every dancer found why it was worth it.
Sophomore Rachel White, for instance, said for her the time spend dancing was a release from the pressure and was “an escape from everything in my life. It can always lift my mood.”
Even though their passion for their hobby was strong, they realize it was also a day-to-day challenge. The average competition dancer is at CPAC from right after school to 9:45 p.m., making it difficult to find time to do homework or hang out with friends that don’t dance or even watch their favorite T.V. show.
“You get used to staying up late on school nights to get homework done,” sophomore Caroline Sunvold said. “There are times where it gets to be a lot, but I like being busy and dancing all the time has taught me how important it is to keep up with things.”
Dancing is a time consuming and exhausting extracurricular activity, but junior Josie Camden said somehow the time she has give it has been worthwhile
“Although we sacrifice a lot for dance,” Camden said, “we don’t mind because we love what we do.”
By Victoria Vizcarra