Rhetoric poisons politics

Adam Schoelz

Have you paid attention to any political speeches recently? Every one seems opens with a vapid little rhetorical question that is almost immediately followed by a lengthy diatribe of meaningless drivel.
But why are we sucked into these speeches and editorials? Why do we listen to people who have so very little to say? To what end are they trying to pit brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor?
It is because of words. Words, I tell you, are the blades of those who speak them. These violent scum, the traitors to this glorious Union, use words to ignite the flame of hatred.
The vile poison of empty rhetoric threatens the very fabric of this great nation, and what do the American people do? We sit and we listen. Even now, these destructive diatribes rampage against the very walls of our freedom! For where there is malicious speech, there is either true malice or corrupt emptiness behind it, and both are an equally deadly poison to the American country.
Why, you ask? Why? Because the very foundations of this republic depend on the citizen’s mind, and the citizen’s mind can no longer walk unmolested by petty cries to frighten or goad. Yes, while it is the mind of the citizen that has made this nation great, that mind can no longer function amid the mighty storm of unsupported pathos!
Would you leave a baby in a desert, all alone, to starve? Would you use a puppy as a wrecking ball? They would, had those who used such language be in control. Those who use it are wildly un-American. They refuse to call out specific problems, only making out a group of people in the vaguest sense, as if their language were not cowardice enough.
These politicians, who may be better framed through the phrase “Emptiers,” because of their empty rhetoric, can only be described as vile. Such “Emptiers” want to blame all the problems of the world on a group of conveniently unidentifiable people. The group they select is just vague enough to the point where it’s existence is not guaranteed but specific enough that the politician can simply call his enemies that apparently despicable group and they will shy away like animals from gunshots.
Another classic tactic of the “Emptiers” is to use buzzwords and “violent-ize” all political conflicts. They paint targets across enemy districts, declare war on many topics and peoples, and generally must view life as a permanent conflict, where the enemy is anyone who deviates from them in the slightest. For the ‘Emptiers’ it is their way or the highway. For the only weapon of the Emptiers is empty rhetoric; their only friend is themselves. They have a stranglehold on the public discourse, a knife at the throat of America.
Well, I declare war on hate speech. We must give no quarter! Bar no holds! We must burn the land of these “Emptiers” and salt the earth beneath them. There must be a target over every center from which this speech flows!
If we give hate speech ground, it will overflow into all of our society, poison our country and destroy our American way! It will burn our crops and steal our gold! The mindless fear mongering of the “Emptiers” must not be tolerated! Be nice, be balanced or else be destroyed!
By Adam Schoelz