15 Days of Torment: Day 6 Never Been Kissed

Jude El Buri

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Never Been Kissed. I can’t stand Drew Barrymore. The movie wasn’t bad, but at this point, I just couldn’t handle any more of the trite high school setting or the stereotyped cliques. The storyline made me squirm.
As an undercover journalist, the main character Josie (Drew Barrymore, “50 First Dates,” “The Wedding Singer,” “E.T.”) gets a second chance at high school. She spends all her effort in trying to fit in. She starts falling for her teacher who just so happens to like her as well.
Remembering that her brother was always popular in school, she convinces him to help her out. He helps elevate her high school social status until she is finally at the top of the social food chain. Then she realizes this is not what she wanted, and it’s not even important. After a cliché scene at the prom, she denounces the popular girls as shallow and humiliates them in front of everyone.
Then, like so many other movies, she confesses to all her lies in the end and comes clean about everything. Everything was so forced and predictable I just felt all the oxygen being sucked out of my lungs and my eyes slowly going black.
Two bad chick flicks in a row made me reluctant to complete the challenge. Basically, at this point, I never wanted to watch another chick flick again. Unfortunately, I had my flick picked out for the next day, and I only prayed it wouldn’t make me wince as much as this movie did.
By Jude El Buri