Calc Club, EEE hold afterschool Pi Day celebration

Avantika Khatri

Gifted teacher Marilyn Toalson cuts pie as part of a pie baking competition for sophomores Piper Stretz, Joanna Zhang, Katy Shi, junior Bobby Backus and sophomores Sam Ding and Jenny Yao. Photo by Avantika Khatri
Calculus Club in collaboration with EEE celebrated Pi Day after school today in room 229. Through pie baking and pi-recitation competitions, the small gathering of people celebrated March 14.
The festivities began with four individuals reciting pi to as many digits as they could. The winner, sophomore Esther Liu, recited 89 digits of pi.
“I printed out a list and I tried to find a pattern, little repeats of patterns,” Liu said. “Otherwise, it was just repeating it over and over.”
However, not everyone was as successful. Some students who participated memorized digits in the moments before. Senior Jeanne Quinn did not participate in the contest.
“I know all the digits of pi, I just forgot the order,” Quinn said to the group.
The pie tasting followed the recitation. Four individuals brought pie: sophomore Piper Stretz brought Dulce de Leche Banana Pie, sophomore Jenny Yao brought apple pie, Quinn made a cool passion fruit pie with grapefruit cream and gifted coordinator Marilyn Toalson made whoopie pies. Stretz emerged the victor.
“To make the caramel stuff in the middle, you have to boil condensed milk for three hours,” Stretz said. “I, like, really put time into it.”
By Avantika Khatri