SEC hosts environmental speaker Thursday

Joanne Lee

At Global Village, an SEC special guest demonstrates water erosion to students. Photo by Chris Roberts
Students with after school clubs or activities Thursdays have a high chance of bumping into a group of RBHS students recycling.
The students are part of Student Environmental Coalition, and other than recycling weekly, they also raise awareness of environmental problems as well as money for causes such as RBHS’s sister school in Darfur, Choula A.
However, as busy as SEC  is already, a new branch recently joined under the direction of sophomore Kira Kirk; this new addition of the club meets Thursdays before school and hosts presentations by inspirational guest speakers regarding relevant environmental matters and watching informative movies. SEC sponsor Denise Winslow appreciates the opportunities the new club offers for any interested students.
“We’re just hoping that we can get a variety of speakers and that people just bring awareness, that it’s not just about recycling, that there is so much more to it,” Winslow said. “Kira Kirk has connections at the University [of Missouri – Columbia], and so she’s been arranging speakers from various places. She had somebody come in share about waters and rivers … and another was a environmental journalist.”
Kirk’s motive in forming this club initiated from the fact that she couldn’t attend the afternoon meetings for the club.
“I was too busy to attend the afternoon meetings so I thought, ‘Hmmm, why not have stuff in the morning?'” Kirk said. “I really wanted more people involved and learn about the environment.”
Kirk’s parents are both faculty members of the University of Missouri – Columbia. Moreover, she has other ties to professional sources such as her friend’s parent who is a soil scientist.
However, for a club that is so invested in the expansion of environmental awareness ideas, this sudden sprout of expansion makes Winslow excited to see what more is to come.
“Rock Bridge is known for so many progressive ideas,” Winslow said. ” I would love for us to take this even further and try to make Rock Bridge or even Columbia even more green.”
By Joanne Lee