Global Village week culminates in food extravaganza Friday


Sophomore Mubinah Khaleel represents Nigeria for the Global Village fashion show. Photo by Halley Hollis

Katrina Fox

Sophomore Mubinah Khaleel represents Nigeria for the Global Village fashion show. Photo by Halley Hollis
With a string of flags representing countless countries hanging from the commons ceiling, the decorations immersed students in the festive mood of Global Village, the end finale of the annual multicultural celebrations.
Global Village, a school-wide event where students, clubs and the culinary classes have a chance to represent different countries and cultures through food and table displays will take place tomorrow morning.
Countries that come alive in Missouri range from those in South America to the Mesopotamia to Asia and across all continents.  Participants have their own reasons for doing booths, ranging from their own culture to sharing cultures they have learned about and enjoyed.
“I’m going to do Jamaica barbecue because I went there, and I loved it,” senior Scott Coffelt said.
In addition to individuals bringing in homemade delicacies for other students to taste, another tradition is having the culinary classes present different foods. With the expectations to make something out of the ordinary, the culinary students create many dishes that are unheard of and make everything as close to authentic as possible.
One dish on the menu “is smoked gravlex. It’s like a cured salmon that is served cold, and we made a sweet dill mustard cream cheese and pickled red onion,” junior culinary arts student Mallory Barnes said. “It’s unique because it is a cold dish with many different components that are made. We made everything. Even the rye bread that the salmon is served on. We even made the honey mustard to go on in the sauce.”
Although much of the event centers around food, booths also present information; some focus solely on this aspect, to educate students on culture.
“Global village is one of my favorite events at Rock Bridge,” senior Kira Lubahn said. “It’s fun to see everyone discovering different cultures and learning about other ways of life.”
Global Village also exposes clubs to unique cultural aspects of the nations they represent. Foreign Outreach Organization of Delicacies, F.O.O.D., is a new organization that was inaugurated into RBHS’ list of clubs last fall; it plans to entice members tomorrow with food from Colombia.
“F.O.O.D. decided to do a booth because it isn’t only fun,” junior Shelby Richardson said, “but it fits perfectly with what our club is about. We think it will be a great source for new members and opportunity to showcase the benefits and fun of our club.”
Whether a student works at a booth or just eats the food, excitement for the event escalated throughout the week. Each person has his own favorite part of celebrating the cultures.
“It’s always fun when global village comes around,” senior Emily Perry said, because “there is always great food and cool stuff to learn about cultures.”
By Katrina Fox
Bearing News will be streaming the Global Village celebrations live tomorrow. Live stream starts at 9 a.m.
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