Homecoming activities provide competition

Hagar Gov-Ari

As homecoming looms over RBHS, a competition vibe has set the school atmosphere.  Whether it be the sophomore advisories working hard on their door decks or students and teachers dressing up as old ladies and movie stars, both faculty and students are projecting great school spirit.
Competition isn’t only on the minds of these people though: the nine homecoming queen candidates are putting their best cards on the table with the help of their escorts in hopes of being the 2011 homecoming queen.
The competition for these senior couples began as a race to be in one of the top nine spots of eligibility. After the nine were elected, they had to partake in a number of activities in order to win a favorite spot in the heart of their peers.
On Monday, the candidates and their escorts participated in their first activity of the competition, which took place in the commons during A-Lunch. Dressed up as Disney couples, they all jammed out to fun, upbeat songs, showing off their best dance moves, some even choreographed.
Tuesday during B-lunch in the commons was the second day of activities for the girls. The first competition that day involved a trust activity where the escort guided the queen candidate over an obstacle without touching her. In the second round with three pairs left, the couples’ task was to submerge their faces in chocolate pudding to search for three gummy worms.
Queen candidate Carmen Boessen was one of the last three pairs of the second round and had gotten her three gummy worms barley before her competitor Sarah Henzel.
“It was disgusting but still delicious,” Boessen said. “Who doesn’t like chocolate pudding and gummy worms?”
Although competition is important to the 2011 homecoming queen candidates, their sense of friendliness and good sportsmanship hasn’t been lost in their strive to win.
Queen candidate Pascale White described the competitive feel as “crazy and memorable.”
“It is such a honor to even just be one of the nine,” White said, “but when it comes down to it, I think every girl kind of wants” the crown.
The queen will be announced at half time in Friday’s homecoming football game.
By Hagar Gov-Ari