Model UN receives honorable mention in DC

Alex Burnam

The RBHS Model UN team at the closing ceremonies for NAIMUN XLIX
After several exhausting days of committees and crises, on the evening of Feb. 19, the RBHS Model United Nations team touched down on the tarmac at the Lambert St. Louis International Airport.
The team of 26 RBHS students spent the week at the 49th Annual NAIMUN Model United Nations conference in Washington DC, where they competed against thousands of other high school students from across the world by participating in role-playing simulations of governmental bodies from across the world, both past and present.
“We spent months preparing for this week,” senior Bill Milanick said. “The sightseeing was amazing, and I accomplished a lot in my atomic energy committee.”
Committees that team members participated in ranged from small crisis simulations on nuclear war, to enormous caucuses on deciding the future of Germany following the First World War.
“There’s so many different things that we get to do,” Milanick said. “The simulations are well run, and we had a blast doing them.”
Senior team member Julian Vizitei even brought home an honorable mention award – an accomplishment at NAIMUN – for RBHS for his portrayal of former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on the 2002 National Security Council.
“My last few years I hadn’t been as successful, and this time I did well every day and it felt great when I was recognized,” Vizitei said. “It was a ‘Mission Accomplished.’”
Team members enjoyed their time in the nation’s capital and are enthusiastic about returning next year to even more success.
“I got everything I wanted out of the trip,” Vizitei said. “I had a lot of fun with the guys, and I got a lot of work done.
By Alex Burnam