Meet Courtwarming candidate Scott Coffelt

Daphne Yu

photo by Asa Lory
Scott Coffelt, escorted by senior Whitney Wipfler
How did you ask your escort to court warming?
[Whitney Wipfler] had asked me to be her escort for homecoming, and I was. When she did that, she had brought in some cookies on a plate, and the plate had handwriting in sharpie on it asking, “Will you be my escort?” By some miracle, I still had that plate. So I baked some cookies and brought it to one of her classes and asked her that way because it still had the handwriting on it. And she said, ‘Yes.’
What were your immediate thoughts after hearing your name in the nominations?
I was actually gone that day; I was competing in DECA — which is the marketing organization, and we had a district competition. My partner and I, we won our district. Someone texted me, “Congratulations!” and I was like, “Oh, thanks! How’d you know that we won DECA?” and they were like, “What are you talking about?” and I was like, “Who told you?” and they were like, “I’m talking about Court warming. It was just announced.” I found out in a pretty crazy way, but it was cool, though.
What Courtwarming activity do you look forward to most?
It’s hard to say. Earlier I probably would have told you the dance just because the courtarming dance is usually a little bit more fun than the homecoming dance. However, the homecoming dance was a lot more fun this year. I’m looking forward to T.V. day where [you] can dress up as some of your favorite characters from your childhood.
What school activities do you participate in? What accomplishments do you have in these activities?
I play on the golf team, and the team won state last year. I’m a STUCO representative, Vice President for DECA, Vice President of [National Honors Society]. I’m Harry Potter Club, break dance club and [am the] co-founder of the ‘Sup Wall.
How do you think you would exemplify a Court warming king if you won?
I really don’t expect to win; I’m just honored to be nominated. I’m not sure how I would exemplify a Court warming king.
How have you made the school a better place?
I mean … you always try to make something better by the time you leave. And when I came in here, it was great. For me it’s just a home away from home — I don’t know how I made it better. As a part of STUCO, I feel like I helped out with a lot of events and stuff.
What are your dreams and aspirations?
I just want to live the dream, live in the moment. I’m interested in broadcast journalist, an anchor on the news. I think that’d be cool. Marketing, like with DECA, that’d be fun. Or a movie star, like Brad Pitt.
What is your most embarrassing high school memory?
They asked us this same question on the questionnaire, and I couldn’t think up an answer because you’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself, and I’m pretty decent at that.
What is your favorite RBHS moment so far?
I don’t have one favorite Rock Bridge moment. It was really fun when I was there with Whitney when she won just because she was so happy, and I could be there for her, but besides that, I don’t really know if I have one moment that stands out. I just love Rock Bridge, and all the moments that have come together have just been great, and I couldn’t really single one out.
By Daphne Yu