Everything In Moderation

Asa Lory

I went to a Young Moderates meeting Tuesday, a club that I frequented in the past but have attended only once this year. Getting back into the swing of politics was nice, but I was also thinking of the idea of moderates themselves. It seems because I have so much going on, I do everything in moderation simply out of necessity; no one thing can take over too much of my life.

Not clubs like Young Moderates, even though it started this particular thought.

Not hanging out with the programmers to be continually amazed by their complicated coding.

Not even hanging out at RBHS and watching the Mizzou Studio Jazz Band when their pianist jumped up and started singing.

Even school must occasionally take a backseat when numbers start going so wrong that they border on absurdity.

Or even journalism itself, and covering everything awesome that I get to report, such as the college signing ceremony for five of our RBHS athletes.
No, I have to take these things in moderation, lest I become overwhelmed with them all.
Of course, that being said, there is one thing that I simply cannot spend too much time on.

I think you know what it is.
P.S., thank you to whoever drew that spectacular design on my calculator! I was quite surprised.