Girls basketball continues through Webster Winter Challenge

Daphne Yu

The girls keep up their morale at the Rock Bridge Tournament two weeks ago. The team is in another tournament this weekend. Photo by Halley Hollis
On Friday, Feb. 3, the Bruin girls basketball team (16-3)  defeated Ft. Zumwalt West (17-3) 58-42 to move on in the Webster Winter Challenge.
Friday night’s game was a continuance of the tourney, which began Jan. 31.
Although the girls were a bit lethargic after the long bus ride to St. Louis and struggled to bring energy at first, once they began playing, the court was theirs. The Bruins ended at halftime with a score of 31-20 and kept a 10-point lead the entire game.
“I feel like we are pretty equal teams in skill,” junior Makenzie Skrabal said. “Ft. Sumwalt is rated five and they have good physical posts, but we really matched their intensity.”
This was the first time Skrabal played against the Jaguars, but other girls on the team were familiar with the Ft. Zumwalt players and scouted them well, Skrabal said. Also on the minds of the players is the impending district tournament on Feb. 20; the girls have less than a month before facing the road to the state tournament.
However, even with their 13-streak win, the Bruins don’t let the past determine the outcome of the game.
“It’s really hard not to think about the district games,” Skrabal said. “But we really just have to focus on one game at a time.”
Today, the Bruins play St. Joseph’s Academy (19-4) and ranked 2nd in the state. The girls are not frazzled by the showy titles the Angels hold – including winning the tournament last year. Instead, Skrabal said, “that just gives us more motivation.”
By Daphne Yu