Election 2012: Perry provides America with ‘right’ man for future

Alex Burnam

Since his inauguration in 2009, President Barack Obama, despite his good intentions, has fallen short in completing his Presidential duties. A presidency that is ineffective in satisfying American’s needs allows for new potential candidates to enter the scene.
Enter Rick Perry, current governor of Texas and Republican presidential hopeful. Perry has done a spectacular job running his state. He has cut more than $31 billion in spending and hasn’t stopped there and cut taxes. Which Gov. Perry has ensured Texas is a safe, friendly place for small businesses to thrive.
During the past seven years, CEOs polled by Chief Executive Magazine have rated Texas first in the nation in business development and job growth. The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis reports that in 2010, Texas’ economy grew 5.3 percent as compared to 3.8 percent for the overall U.S. economy.
As a result of his aggressive agenda, Perry has created more than one million new jobs in the Texas, an achievement that even Obama can’t buy.
As president, Perry would apply the same rules to our national government, cutting and spending taxes in order to salvage the economic situation that poor leadership has placed us in.
The current administration has not fixed the most critical aspect of American society: the economy. Rick Perry has the potential to make us great again. Both Obama and Perry inherited their recession-afflicted economies from George W. Bush. Texas was also in terrible economic shape, yet there are two very different stories told from the actions that both men took.
Two common themes this administration has used to solve the complex problems that plague the United States have been disgustingly simplistic: “Talk about it, but never do it” and “If it doesn’t work, throw money at it.” Since entering office Obama has spent sums in excess of $5 trillion, resulting in job loss of over 650,000 jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Despite Obama’s continued reassurance that all is well and the economy is back on track, the fact of the matter is that telling the American people that all is well does not actually do anything to help our economy. Small businesses are not hiring, and the national deficit rises daily, according to the Internal Revenue Service.
In 2012 Americans must look past the eloquent emptiness that are Obama’s promises and select a candidate like Rick Perry that will be proactive in addressing America’s problems with practical solutions. It is important for voters to know not only who, but what they are voting for, along with the impact their choice will face on their future.
The liberal policies of the Obama administration have harmed the United States to the point that four more years would be a destructive decision to make. It is time for the American people to look at a more conservative and practical approach to addressing current issues in the United States. RBHS students should be keen to help campaign for and support potential candidates like Perry in order to take control of their future.
As primary season begins, it is important for the Republican Party to realize the potential that Rick Perry has. Not only does Perry have the star power to defeat Barack Obama, but he also has the conservative values necessary to save the United States from the liberal agenda of the current administration. Obama’s policies have driven the United States to the brink of economic devastation, and it will take a strong leader to fix this damage. Perry has displayed his competence through his effective leadership in the state of Texas.
By Alex Burnam