Teen reunites with childhood characters

On Tuesday, Jan. 31, “Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music” came to Columbia to put on a show. Although the characters and stories are usually geared toward children, that didn’t keep high school students such as senior Jordon McGaughey from attending and reminiscing on their childhood.

Senior Jordon McGaughey attended Sesame Street live with her aunt Tuesday evening. Photo by Halley Hollis
Why did you go to Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music?
The reason I went is actually a funny story. When I was four years old, my aunt told me she would take me to see Elmo. Well, it never happened, and this year at Thanksgiving, I made a smart comment about how she didn’t even love me enough to take me to Elmo as promised – joking, of course. Then for Christmas I got tickets to go to Sesame Street Live. Basically she did it half as a joke, half as a bonding moment filled with laughs.
Who is your favorite character?
My favorite character is Elmo. Well, obviously, I’m 18 now but he was just always my favorite as a child. I liked Elmo because when I was younger I didn’t have as many friends outside of school. I never lived by anyone and I was an only child. I just loved Elmo’s World – it always knew how to make me laugh.
What songs did you hear and which one was your favorite or most memorable?
I heard many songs, but my favorite, as always, was “Rockin’ Robin.” The entire show was memorable because I had a blast making a fool out of myself with my aunt who I love so dearly. The little girl [I was with] was too scared to dance when it came on so I started dancing with her.
How did you feel watching Sesame Street as a kid and why did you stop watching?
I only remember dancing around the living room pretending I lived on Sesame Street. I stopped because I grew out of it, as does every kid, which I honestly can’t tell why after [Tuesday night] because I’m 18, and I still had a blast.
What was the atmosphere like to you now that you are older?
We were on the right side, and it was filled with little kids. I guess you can say the atmosphere was filled with children’s joy. I’m not going to lie; I was a tad bit embarrassed but at the same time it was a bonding moment with me and my aunt before I go off to college. It’s different because as a kid I would be excited because it’s Elmo but now that I am older it’s more about the goofiness and everything.
By Alex Walters