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Travel Tales

Travel Tales

Laurel Critchfield May 23, 2013

With summer approaching, many students make the decision to embark on international adventures. Here are a few travel experiences from our staff! [tabgroup][tab title="Punta Cara, Dominican Republic"] [heading...

Russian adoptee evaluates adoption ban

Russian adoptee evaluates adoption ban

Stazi Prost February 19, 2013

It could simply be described as perfect timing, a sign to their constant hoping. Nearing the end of five years of fertility treatment, Mark and Julie Majors, parents of junior Raymond Majors, discovered...

Cafe Poland, located at 807 Locust St, is opened Mondays-Fridays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Photo By Stazi Prost

Cafe Poland adds Eastern European flair to Columbia

Stazi Prost January 22, 2013

Settled at the former location of Carpe Diem, Café Poland, located at 807 Locust St., has earned its own place in Columbia, even amongst the already culturally diversified downtown. Nowhere else in the...

Lounging in the evening: A trio of homeless Columbia residents sit outside downtown on the corner of 9th and Cherry Street, waiting until night time, when one of the many homeless shelters will welcome them in to escape the growing chill of winter.

Homeless battle cold

Blake Becker December 21, 2012

Nov. 13, 2012. The day Herb Hursman became homeless. Living a life of hardship from his high school years to mid-60s, homelessness became an added burden to Hursman’s life. He had already endured an...

Students participate in Tomorrows Health Care Elite Program

Students participate in Tomorrow’s Health Care Elite Program

Stazi Prost December 19, 2012

Sophomore Prarthana Patel watched as the mannequin's eyes flew wide opened and its legs stretched apart: it was about to go through the agonizing birthing process once again. A clear 'pain' was evident...

The Columbia Regional Airport. Photo by Aniqa Rahman.

Columbia Regional Airport adds Orlando flight

Stazi Prost November 20, 2012

Starting today, Nov. 20, Columbia Regional Airport will offer direct flights to Orlando through Frontier airlines. Because of this additional flight, another has already left. On Nov. 2, the airport ceased...

 Accepting students right from high school, the University of Missouri- Kansas City School of Medicine follows the six year medical school program. With the majority of United States medical schools following the eight year program such as the University of Missouri, the UMKC route is a not a typical one.

Students compare 6-year with 4-year medical program

Stazi Prost November 8, 2012

While medical school may seem far off for any high school student aspiring to be a doctor, for some, this is the next step in their life. Because of the six-year medical school program offered at University...

From left to right: Queen candidates seniors Christina Young, Morgan Bumby and Olivia Mends help students create cards for veterans. Photo by Stazi Prost

Homecoming queen candidates deliver cards to veterans

Stazi Prost October 9, 2012

For day two of homecoming week, students had the opportunity to write thank you cards to the veterans at Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans' Hospital. Candidates manned a booth in the main commons throughout...

Boys Like Girls delivers at the Blue Note

Stazi Prost September 30, 2012

Just like their opening number song, the band of Boys Like Girls led their fans into "The Great Escape” of pop rock music. Clad in sleeveless shirts showing off countless tattoos and styled with shaggy...

New science curriculum focuses on experimentation, discovery

Stazi Prost September 20, 2012

Students can put their flashcards away because of a recent change in the way educators across the country will teach science. From this school year on, rote memorization will be less important overall...

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