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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Photo by Bailey Blackburn

Advanced Acting class debuts “The Outsiders”

Julia Kim December 2, 2021
The RBHS Advanced Acting class is set to premiere their first play of the year this Thursday, Dec. 2, followed by three more performances Friday and Saturday. 
Photo courtesy of Studio Ghibli

Analyzing fashion in Howl’s Moving Castle

Julia Kim November 18, 2021

Studio Ghibli’s film “Howl’s Moving Castle” (2004) remains a prominent piece of media in the realm of animation, winning various accolades at the 61st Venice International Film Festival and Mainichi...

Photo by Joan Kwon

Listening sessions held to address racism incident

Multiple Authors November 15, 2021

After a "disturbing image depicting racism" circulated social media, CPS staff members are holding four listening sessions on Nov. 16 and 17 in the PAC lobby, according to an email from Principal Jacob...

Art by Devin Hall.

Minorities experience more pressure in educational environments, during COVID-19 pandemic

Lais Campos November 11, 2021

Even with the introduction of vaccinations, the COVID-19 outbreak continues to have far-reaching health and economic consequences for the American public, including students, according to Pew Research...

Photo by Bailey Blackburn.

Boys’ and girls’ cross country teams finish second, fourth on state championship podium

Allison Kim November 9, 2021

Looking out into a field of open grass, seven girls and seven boys from the RBHS cross country teams planted their feet firmly inside their boxes marked with white paint, anxiously awaiting the pop of...

Image courtesy of IMDb

“Dune” captures audiences’ anticipation, brilliant filmography

Josiah Anderson November 8, 2021

Adapted from Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel series, Dune (2021), directed by Denis Villeneuve, follows the life of teenager Paul Atreides (Timothee Chalamet) as he grows from an ambitious adolescent to a...

Art by Desmond Kisida.

Halloween fosters self-expression with limits

Nora Crutcher-McGowan November 4, 2021

America has its fair share of stuffy rules and social norms, but “Halloween is the one time of year a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girl can say anything about it.” Cady Heron from...

Art by Vivian Spear.

Billionaires in space: commercial space travel takes over future of industry

Anjali Noel Ramesh November 4, 2021

In an ambitious mission starting a new era of commercial space travel, English business magnate Richard Branson, became the first person to launch into space in a craft funded in part by his own money...

Art by Lorelei Dohm.

Sea level rise caused by world powers leave South Pacific islands vulnerable

Shubha Gautam November 3, 2021

Sandwiched halfway between Hawaii and Australia, Kiribati is a Southern Pacific island nation with 33 islands, the most famous being Kiritimati, sporting the title of one of the largest atolls in the world....

Art by Vivian Spear.

Anti-capitalism defines queer liberation, justice

Julia Kim November 3, 2021

Mainstream Pride, often associated with Pride Month, is one of many movements that pushes for the normalization of the LBGTQ+ community in society today. Some of the many participants of the mainstream...

Art by Vivian Spear.

Wildfire smoke spreads across nation, contaminates air quality

Anjali Noel Ramesh November 3, 2021

In the past five years, record breaking wildfires have plagued California, according to the Insurance Information Institute. The amount of land burned by the wildfires are at an all-time high, with over...

Art by Desmond Kisida.

Normalization of everything: misapplication of language creates confusion, ineffective activism

Allison Kim November 2, 2021

In the past five years, “normalization,” as a word and idea, has gained currency throughout social media discourse, with people very quickly applying its use to facets of politics and activism. The...

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