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Art by Snowy Li

Online classes allow for procrastination, cheating

The Rock and Bearing News Staff January 14, 2020
Online classes provide a one-size fits all approach that does not cater to students. Companies such as Edgenuity and the University of Missouri K-12 use curriculum meant for the average student. Students who are ahead or behind the curve are an afterthought and subsequently robbed of individualized instruction.
A female student sitting at desk and typing on a laptop next to other students writing and working on laptops. Photo from Envato Elements

Students Manage Second Semester Stress

Audrey Novinger May 15, 2019
Second semester often creates hectic schedules loaded with school work and activities. However, students use different strategies to manage their stress.
Spending my time playing video games throughout the summer is fun, but it isnt very fulfilling or productive.

The troubles of summer procrastination

Jared Geyer May 21, 2018

Summer is right around the corner, and I cannot wait. No more assignments to do--just three months of relaxation. I’ll probably go somewhere for vacation, enjoy the weather and play video games with...

Precrastination: the opposite of procrastination

Precrastination: the opposite of procrastination

Faaris Khan April 24, 2017
Procrastination is an all too familiar term for many high school students. But what about the opposite, the students who complete their work far in advance?
Study hall pushes for more productivity

Study hall pushes for more productivity

Ann Fitzmaurice December 20, 2016

Every weeknight as I stare down at my world history textbook dreading the next seven pages of reading and notes, I tell myself the same thing: I’ll do it in AUT. As the first block on B days rolls around,...

art by Stephanie Kang

Senioritis strikes RBHS

Grace Vance May 17, 2015

When second semester senior year came, senioritis had hit the halls like the common flu. I’ve walked through the familiar south entrance doors of RBHS, up the stairs and to my resting nook in the main...

Students explore ways to stay motivated

Students explore ways to stay motivated

Cami Kudrna May 12, 2015

Students talk about their experiences with motivation Motivation to Live By Cami Kudrna The ability to wake up and get out of bed with no struggle comes easy for some.  For others, the desire to keep...

Trapped Inside the Mind

Trapped Inside the Mind

Emily Franke May 2, 2015

[dropcap style="flat" size="5" class="A"]T[/dropcap]he clock strikes at midnight. Hands ruffle through papers and fumble for a pencil. Eyes dart through research articles and feet tap on the ground, counting...

A good nights sleep or a good grade?

A good night’s sleep or a good grade?

Cami Kudrna March 25, 2015

According to studies, sleep is vital to improve studying tactics Students often asked to complete out of school assignments, such as studying for a test or quiz.  Procrastination comes hand-in-hand with...

Dear Underclassmen: do not procrastinate

Dear Underclassmen: do not procrastinate

Renata Poet Williams March 11, 2015

Wading into high school is like being thrown into an ocean. Each story and piece of advice swims around you. Some try to grab hold and take you down; others keep you safe, and with all of this information,...

Art by Paige Martin

Procrastination cycle proves inescapable

Jilly Dos Santos March 14, 2013

I have a biology test Tuesday that I haven’t studied for. I need to read eight chapters in The Good Earth, and I’ve got four pages down. Also there’s that half-finished Spanish worksheet due Wednesday...

Photo By: Mikaela Acton

Night time holds little rest for the weary

Mikaela Acton March 1, 2013
An old man sits, his snow white hair sticking out among the youthful heads scattered at tables around him. Just feet away from the cold abyss he sits, sipping his Panera coffee from an ugly orange cup.  He sits, supporting blue plaid pajama pants with a matching blue shirt adding a brown vest for warmth topped off with brown suede slippers giving the illusion of one who had merely just had awoken. Absorbed in his newspaper, he sits, enjoying the pleasant peace that had settled in to the atmosphere.
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