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on ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Ji-Sung Lee April 26, 2019

Thursday, April 26, Marvel Studios released ‘Avengers: Endgame.” The fantasy and sci-fi film runs for three hours and one minute and is directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. The movie features Chris Evans,...


Only thing eternal in ‘Hellboy’ remake is boredom

Ethan Hayes April 16, 2019

Neil Marshall’s remake of Hellboy mixes his spin on the DC Universe character with the strange mythos of King Arthur that leaves the audience in a head scratching state of confusion. With a subtle origin...

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‘Apollo 11’ brings triumph to historical documentaries

Jared Geyer March 5, 2019

In an era that is so self-indulgent in the consumption and progression of technology, it seems like an anomaly that the Apollo 11 flight to the moon was even remotely successful. The blocky computers and...

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‘Tequila 62’ brings full True/False experience

Matthew Burns March 4, 2019

As the name may suggest, ‘Tequila 62’ is a collection of four short films that targeted a more adult audience. The shorts held nothing back in showing or describing explicit moments. If one can get...

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‘Home, Sweet Home’ tells authentic family story

Isaac Parrish March 3, 2019

The film ‘Home, Sweet Home’ isn't a traditional documentary. From director Ise Shinichi, the film started as a collection of home videos meant to be gifted to his niece Nao Nishimura's family, since...

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‘Knock Down the House’ connects everyday Americans with political process

Matthew Burns March 3, 2019

Director Rachel Lears inspires working class Americans in her film ‘Knock Down the House.’ The film follows four diverse democratic women that are united by their attempts to challenge the political...

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‘Finding Frances’ depicts hilarious journey in search of long lost love

Jared Geyer March 3, 2019

Nathan Fielder helps Bill Gates impersonator William Heath find his long lost love in the short documentary-style film ‘Finding Frances.' The film is an extension of Fielder’s Comedy Central television...

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‘American Factory’ provokingly portrays clash between cultures

Jared Geyer March 2, 2019

The film ‘American Factory’ portrays the clash of culture between the manufacturing style of China and the working class of America. The CEO of Fuyao, a Chinese glass manufacturing company, takes...

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Q & A with the director: Nanfu Wang

Anna Xu March 2, 2019

[vc_text_separator title="Nanfu Wang, co-director of 'One Child Nation'" color="custom" border_width="3" accent_color="#2bb673"]Q: How do you see this film impacting the future generations? A: So when...

Midnight Traveler provides new look at life as refugee

‘Midnight Traveler’ provides new look at life as refugee

Isaac Parrish March 2, 2019

In Hassan Fazili’s magnificent 'Midnight Traveler,' the first-person perspective of an Afghan refugee is captured in a way that can't be replicated by anyone else. After the Taliban demanded Fazili’s...

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‘The Grand Bizarre’ proves to be less grand, more bizarre

Isaac Parrish March 1, 2019

Jodie Mack's The Grand Bizarre is not a documentary; it's an art project. There is no clear purpose to the film, nor is it informative in any way. The meaning behind Mack's visuals is highly interpretable,...

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‘Over the Rainbow’ provides honest look into Scientology

Anna Xu March 1, 2019

D irector Jeffrey Peixoto conveys the birth of Scientology through a series of interviews of believers. Before watching this film, one should know ambient, lulling music plays in the background nearly...

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