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Neuroethics in law, science influences autonomy and crime

Neuroethics in law, science influences autonomy and crime

Shruti Gautam February 25, 2021

A paper published in 2007 discusses the case of FK, a man in his late 50s. FK was arrested for gross lewdness and child endangerment due to public urination near a school. Despite no psychiatric history,...

Day 135

Day 135

Bailey Stover July 30, 2020
During her 135th day of social distancing, senior Bailey Stover submitted her scholarship application, made a photo collage and baked a cake with her mom.
Day 134

Day 134

Bailey Stover July 29, 2020
Senior Bailey Stover spent her 134th day of social distancing working on a scholarship essay and application and watching "ER" and "Chuck."
Missouri Tigers to play West Virginia today at 11 a.m. Photo by Envato Elements

Humiliating? Yes — but not catastrophic

Elliot Bachrach September 7, 2019
Last week Mizzou football lost to the Wyoming Cowboys, which was considered a humiliating defeat. Will they be able to rise above this?
Seniors Megan Pullen, Laura Scoville and Emily Ma discuss the controversy over Harvard admissions. The three have been friends through high school and prepare dread leaving each other for college next year. Photo illustration by Allie Pigg

Harvard lawsuit may change the future of affirmative action

Amanda Kurukulasuriya October 19, 2018

Oct. 15, a trial based on a 2014 lawsuit filed by the private organization Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) against Harvard took place at the United States District Court in Boston, overseen by Judge...

Senior Boone Palipatana says the pledge which now required to be said everyday in public schools.

Pledge of Allegiance becomes unnecessary with new law

The Rock and Bearing News Staff September 19, 2016

art by Joanna Yu Colors of red, white and blue fly across the nation in schools, stadiums and most other public places. Representing strength, purity and justice, the flag of the United states embodies the...

Following the controversial protests that grasped the community and the country, the University of Missouri has made attempts to retain student enrollment. Many students loyalty to the local university have wavered after the controversies.

MU budget cuts threaten families

Ji-Ho Lee May 4, 2016
With a single stroke of a pen, legislators used a tattered past as justification to cut $8 million from the University of Missouri - Columbia (UMC). With a single stroke of a pen, legislators tore down families they had never even met. With one stroke, state congressmen rejected students and teachers they did not know because of a series of unfortunate events that required action.
Photo by Devesh Kumar

College journalists censored by courts

Ji-Ho Lee February 2, 2016

It is both unfortunate and tragic that the First Amendment no longer holds the influence it once did. When the Founding Fathers penned the Constitution 300 years ago, they would not have expected that...

One down, three to go

One down, three to go

Elinor Stanley May 18, 2015

[heading size="20" margin="20"]Freshman have finished theri firs t year of high school, what's next?[/heading] Ever since the addition of freshmen in 2013, Rock Bridge has been bustling with change. Bruin...

Two seniors qualify for nationals in the debate tournament

Harsh Singh March 12, 2014

When 2012 RBHS alumni Syed Ejaz and Rick Flinn participated in the National Debate Tournament two years ago, it was a rare achievement in the school’s history. However, this year, seniors Sara Ashbaugh...

Glenn Greenwald speaks on injustice in government

Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Kafi September 27, 2012

The biggest room of the University of Missouri-Columbia Law School overflowed with people waiting to listen to Glenn Greenwald, author of four books, three of them New York Times bestsellers, today, Sept....

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