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Online english renews desire to write

Josiah Anderson, Staff Writer December 13, 2021
Starting in kindergarten, schools drill the basic subjects into the heads of their students. Math is taught starting with simple addition, and by the eighth grade, schools expose students to several branches of math, from pre-algebra to geometry. Likewise, in science, students start with the basics of a simplistic water cycle and cloud types, but by eighth grade are learning astronomy and the basics of biology. Yet, when it comes to English, schools fall short. Instead of introducing newer, increasingly challenging and complex concepts to complement the age of the students, schools seem to repeat the same idea again and again until students are bored out of their minds and, in my case, despise writing. 
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Brazil to Missouri: pathway to citizenship

Lais Campos January 11, 2021

Immigration in the United States has shown to be a perpetually difficult topic to be discussed. Whether it's on a huge political stage or a common person’s point of view, our arguments and ideas impact...

Staff writers share their favorite pictures from 2020.

Staff writers reflect on 2020

Multiple Authors December 30, 2020

Bearing News and Southpaw staff writers reflect on 2020, sharing their experiences with virtual learning and what they learned during quarantine as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Allison Kim,...

Art by Lorelei Dohm.

A letter to Gen Z ahead of the upcoming election

Nora Crutcher-McGowan October 27, 2020

When I was days away from turning thirteen, my mom dutifully took me down to our nearest polling station at Lela Raney Wood Hall on the Stephen’s College campus. I remember how I shyly stood behind my...

January 18, Womens March Columbia. Photo by Sarah Mosteller. Art by Rachel Stevens.

Hypocrisy in advocacy

Shruti Gautam October 19, 2020

The emcee gestured toward me, as I stood near the banners behind them. Drowning in a too-bulky navy coat and a violet hat protecting my ears from the chilly January air, I made my way to the center of...

Art by Devin Hall

Questionable ideologies turn into damaging mindsets

Sarah Mosteller March 28, 2020

Sitting at my open front desk located near the middle of the classroom in third grade, I guided my pencil across my worksheet, tracing each letter of the alphabet in cursive. As I worked, I felt a repetitive...

Art by Lorelei Dohm.

Our words have an effect

Olivia Peters December 18, 2019

Ever since I was a little girl my family taught me one main thing: treat others the way you want to be treated; with respect and kindness. As I’ve gotten older, I expected people to become more mature...

Choi Woo-shik as Kim Ki-woo in the film Parasite.

‘Parasite’ chills, excites as a commentary of class conflict

Jared Geyer December 3, 2019

“Parasite” begins with a clear look outside the windows of South Korean Kim family’s dusty cement home. The camera slowly pans down from the window, already at ground level, into the subterranean...

Gluttony consumes all

Gluttony consumes all

Snowy Li October 25, 2019

My insatiable need for food consumes me every day. I hunger to indulge in a feast as the thought of being full gnaws and churns inside me until I temporarily satisfy my unrelenting appetite. Like a moth...

Art by Snowy Li

Stay in the present

Olivia Peters October 24, 2019

In the past year as I’ve gotten much busier with school, lacrosse, slam poetry and everything with friends and family, I find myself forgetting more than ever. Parents, teachers and sometimes even counselors...

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Help yourself by ignoring self-help books

Isaac Yontz September 30, 2019

uring the summer I became invested in self-help books, learning about mental self-improvement and growth, picking up habits successful people have and other minuscule tasks that can be useful or everyday...

Photo by Cassi Viox.

The Name Game: How Universities play prospective students

George Frey October 18, 2018

Aug. 19, 2015: That was the first day I entered the doors of RBHS as an optimistic, motivated ninth grader. Being a freshman, upperclassmen dismissed me whenever I told them my post-high school plans;...

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