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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

...about womens history?

…about women’s history?

Ann Fitzmaurice March 4, 2018

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...about gun control?

…about gun control?

Katie Whaley February 20, 2018

[wp_quiz id="300304"]   Match the "open carry" laws with their description. Every state uses one of these laws to regulate carryings guns in public. Permissive Open Carry States   2. Licensed...

...about the Chinese New Year?

…about the Chinese New Year?

Katie Whaley February 15, 2018

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...about the 2018 Olympics?

…about the 2018 Olympics?

Katie Whaley February 14, 2018

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Photo by Devesh Kumar

RBHS students rate best candy for Valentine’s Day

Grace Dorsey February 13, 2016

[vc_tta_tour][vc_tta_section title="Overview" tab_id="1455412457701-68707b16-fe98"][TS-VCSC-Lightbox-Image content_image="282306" el_file=""](Click the tabs to the left to find out more abut which candies...

Antibiotic resistance threatens modern health care

Antibiotic resistance threatens modern health care

Grace Dorsey January 30, 2016

When it comes to healthy living, junior Megan Polniak fits the description perfectly. She eats right thanks to her dietitian mom, she eats kosher because of her religion and she keeps an active lifestyle...

Course fair provokes thoughtful decision making

Course fair provokes thoughtful decision making

Grace Dorsey January 23, 2016

It’s that time of the year again. Seniors rev up for their final year in high school, upperclassmen dread the arrival of new freshmen and students choose their classes for next year.This past week counselors...

Photo by Devesh Kumar

A different look at sustainability

Grace Vance December 31, 2015

Seniors Emily Getzoff and Wendy Zhang pick up trash at a Roots and Shoots meeting outside of RBHS. The two girls are co-presidents of the club, which is a local chapter of the Dr. Jane Goodall's international...

WHO meat report sparks student reaction

Grace Vance November 22, 2015

Considering the meat-centered culture that 96 percent of Americans live in, according to an article from Vegetarian Time’s online site, a recent report released by the World Health Organization (WHO)...

‘Well, aren’t you special.’ Too far?

Nicole Schroeder November 18, 2015

Detecting sarcasm has always been difficult for senior Shray Kumar, especially with some of his closer friends. Even though he knows what sarcasm is, he says he only recognizes when someone is trying to...

Rock Bridge Soundboard: from old to new

Cam Fuller September 15, 2015

[vimeo url="" width="580" height="380"]

photo by Marco Rea

Senior fundraising sans Santa

Alice Yu September 12, 2015

While it’s still too early for holiday cheer, a change in the plans for this year’s senior fundraiser might dampen the mood before the holiday season arrives. Senior class advisor, Melissa Coil, officially...

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