Sophomore explains Advisory Olympics

Atreyo Ghosh

Sophomore Luke Darrough took time out to explain Sophomore Advisory Olympics, a new program designed to facilitate interaction among advisories.
What’s going on with the competitions that we’ve heard about? We’ve heard the name sophomore Olympics tossed round. Are you familiar with it?
Yeah, there’s been a couple games we’ve played. Just friendly competitions like tug of war and snake game, where we chase a ball and stuff. It’s been pretty fun.
So these would be between you and other advisories?
That’s correct.
So how has your advisory been doing so far with the competitions?
Well, the scores, I think, are 11 points to 11 points to five points. We’re tied with the 11 points, and I don’t remember who else has the 11 points.
Those would be your chief rivals?
So you’re tied for the lead right now. Would you say this has helped your class to bond as an advisory, more or less?
Yeah, I guess so because it’s all about the teamwork you have to put in to help your team win the tug of war. The other team just fell apart [in one of the games], and we pulled through. We won that one.
What are some of the other competitions besides tug of war? You mentioned something about a snake game?
I’m not sure how to describe it. You all run around in a line; you have to remain intact with the rest of your teammates, and if you break apart, you lose your teammates, so that’s about teamwork, too.
So it’s like the old game then? The old snake game?
It’s a little bit like the old snake game.
All right so, any other questions you guys have? Do you know why they’re doing it this year because I know they didn’t do it last year? Have you heard anything?
I haven’t heard anything. It’s probably just for the fun factor. That’s all I know about it.
And it’s called sophomore Olympics?
It is.
By Jake Alden, Ipsa Chaudhary, Atreyo Ghosh, Morgan Nuetzmann
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