Catch Playing Robot coming to Disney Parks


John Gillis

TechTalkDisney has long been a household name. They pioneered full-length animation movies in cartoon. Disneyland was a theme park of a new attitude, with Disney coining it as the “Happiest Place on Earth”. Walt Disney, the man, couldn’t stop there. He left us with one last golden egg: animatronics, which he invented back in the early 1960’s. Animatronics are robotics that appear to be animate and interact with you.
Since the conception of this idea, Disney has released many different animatronic screens and sets that are featured in all of their parks. For example, one of the more recent attractions, Toy Story, includes a larger than life-size Mr. Potato Head. See him in action below.

From my personal experience of visiting various Disney parks, I have seen many people really enjoying interacting with all of these life-like robots. Just talking with the animatronic was still not enough though, and Disney is taking it one step further. In Disney Research Labs, there is a robot that has the ability to play catch with anyone who passes by. Using some advanced software and hardware, the robot will be able to track people and interact with them. See just the skeleton of a robot working below.

I know I can’t wait to see these in the Disney parks. Animatronics make waiting in line for Disney rides all the more interesting.
By John Gillis