Fall Honor Flight assembly ignites emotion in the audience


Principal Jacob Sirna, begins the assembly by recognizing some outstanding students. “It is staggering how many wonderful things take place everyday in this building and how many incredible talents we have combined in this gym,” Sirna said. Photo by Sarah Mosteller.

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Yesterday’s assembly was an emotional roller coaster. It featured five Bruin of my Life awards, a preview of The Drowsy Chaperone, recognition for student excellence in fine arts, athletics and academics, as well as a series of testimonials from soldiers, veterans and relatives of members of the U.S. Armed Forces, an introduction of Compassion-In-Action’s chain of kindness, an intense game of student-teacher “Hungry-Hungry Hippos,” and a video of students sharing what they are thankful for. Students in the bleachers sat by grade, loudly applauding and providing a cacophony of cheers for student performances. Moments of somber and respectful silence clung to the air as the mother of a deceased soldier and former RBHS student, Sterling Wyatt, spoke. After the assembly students thanked her for sharing her story and offered their condolences. To close out the event, Student Council showed a thankfulness video of what students are grateful for: teachers, family, friends, dogs, food and religion.

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