Dr. Sylvia Earle


Photo by Mariah Blackburn

Mariah Blackburn

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Dr. Sylvia is a prominent influence in my life. She has opened the doors to women across the globe in the field of marine biology. With her extensive background and dedication, she was selected to lead the first all-female team of aquanauts in Tektite II (project in Virgin Islands). She has lead NOAA expeditions and worked with National Geographic. She also has an extensive list of awards and honors for her work. She currently is working on Mission Blue. Her aim is to protect regions (Hope spots) of the ocean from things like overfishing. She wants us to value these areas in the same way we do our national parks. Her lifelong career dedicated to protecting and restoring these marine environments has influenced me as an individual to go into a career of activism. Marine Biology has been characterized as a man’s field for a long time. Dr Sylvia Earle was one of the first to change this field’s image and I hope to emulate her.
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