Club leaders discuss underage drinking at school events


RBHS principal Jennifer Rukstad listens to GGO leader Piper Page’s thought on how improve the image of RBHS after past incidents.

Anna Xu

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Club leaders joined today during both A and B lunch to discuss substance abuse at school events and how they specifically can address the issues.
The dialogue centered around BruCrew and some past incidents of underage drinking and bad mouthing opposing teams that bruised the organization’s reputation. RBHS principal Jennifer Rukstad began the conversation by stating the rules RBHS has on drinking and drugs.

“I just want it to be real clear that it’s not okay. It’s not okay before [the event]; it’s not okay during. It’s really not okay after, but I have no real jurisdiction over that.”

Last year, a few students were caught drinking in the stands of a game. Drew Morris, RBHS Student Council president and BruCrew leader, said that he does not condone the bad management of the past.
“I’m just really hoping people dissolve the preconceived assumptions about BruCrew so the school can start working together as one,”  Morris said.
Carson Linder, another BruCrew leader, agrees and said BruCrew will take action differently this year.
“We don’t plan to have issues,” Linder said, “but if a problem arises the students will be asked to leave.”
Linder also strives to create a more inclusive and welcoming atmosphere in hopes to involve more students.
“We really want to encourage underclassmen to have school spirit and participate in BruCrew,” Linder said. “We want them to  feel comfortable and dress with the themes and join in during our chants to make a better game environment.”
On the topic of BruCrew past mistakes, Rukstad spoke of the importance of good leadership to improve the BruCrew culture.
“We will know when you have hit greatness in leadership when if someone crosses the line, whether it’s the substance line, the content of their words, or the content of their actions [that] you as the leader take care of that and not just look at us and go, ‘what are you going to doing about it?’” Rukstad said. “To me, that shows a mark of a student who has really realized themselves as a leader. That your peers respect you enough [so that] you can take care of those problems.”
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