Mud Volleyball tournament 2016-2017 pictures


Siena Juhlin

Before the tournament, physics teacher and referee, Malcom Smith, waters down the courts to ensure extra filth
Team Dirt Devils prepares for their competition by duct taping their shoes and smearing mud all over themselves
“All the teams out here are scrubs and they better watch out because the teachers team is going to kick butt.” -World teacher Alex Worman
Sophomore Daniel Favela dives for the ball in an attempt to bring his team a victory agains Sugar and Spike
Team member lays down in the mud face down in the middle of the tournament
The intensity rises as opposing players try to spike the ball on the other’s side while meeting over the net
Sophomore Jackson Landry flips the hair out of his face before a successful serve
Team members join together out of excitement and support after their winning point
Brightly colored team member gets ready to serve the ball before losing the point
Sophomore Natalie Garret cheers on her team mate Ellie Rodgers while making a good bump to the other side
Muddy player offers a soggy hug to a referee who is also a RBHS teacher
Senior, Dalton Nunamaker’s team mate slides into him, causing mud to go everywhere while the team in the back is already drenched in mud
After the whole tournament, players try their hardest to wash off the mud they’re coated in with a small stream of water