In a Time Lapse: Rock Bridge Jazz Festival


RBHS Jazz ensemble.

Ty Jamieson

Time Lapse photography has always fascinated me as a as a photographer. The simple fact that so much information and so much of a story can be recorded into a single, consolidated piece of media is quite intriguing. So, this semester I am going to be making time lapses of various events and places both around RBHS and around Columbia to show a day in the life of the diverse people of our school.
The first edition of this blog concerns the University of Missouri-Columbia (MU) Rock Bridge Jazz Festival. The festival is held annually at Rock Bridge, and is co-hosted by students of MU and RBHS. Every year, around two dozen schools from central Missouri come to compete in the festival. The bands, which range from middle school to high school level, are rated on a scale from one to five, a one being the best, and a five being the worst. While direct placings are not given in favor of these ratings, the band with the highest overall score from the day is invited to play again at the evening concert with the Rock Bridge Jazz Ensemble and the MU Jazz Ensemble.
The jazz band and jazz ensembles competed last week at three festivals, taking first place in their respective classes at the Northwest Missouri jazz festival and one ratings at both the University of Central Missouri and Fort Zumwalt North jazz festivals. The jazz ensembles have several more performances over the rest of the semester.
This video will give a glimpse into what a day at the festival is like, and features footage of performances from Grain Valley, Jeff City, Hickman, Rock Bridge, Raymore-Peculiar and MU.