Student Council-purchased projector and screen begin installation


Jenna Liu

Yesterday morning, maintenance workers began installing a screen measuring several feet across in the hallway in front of the Activities Office. Student Council senior representative Ronni Farid said that the plans to mount the projector and screen began last semester.
“I think we made the decision [to purchase the projector] in a Student Council meeting, I want to say, maybe late October or November,” Farid said. “We were thinking about ways we could get more people involved and instead of using posters, we wanted something cool and eye-catching.”
With Courtwarming in just a few weeks, Farid went on to say that the projector would be used to broadcast information about the event, as well as show tweets from the Student Council Twitter feed.
“It will filter different pictures from Courtwarming, different announcements, so we hope people think it’s a cool thing to pay attention to instead of reading the InfoBruin every day,” Farid said.
Lannie Barnes, the worker mounting the large screen, said that his ladders and scaffolds will soon be gone; the only task that remains is installing the projector on the opposite wall.
“They should get the projector hung up next week, so [the project] should be done in a couple weeks,” Barnes said. “All my stuff will be gone; the screen is done already.
RBHS is covering the cost of the projector and screen, which Farid estimated to be in the thousands.
“[It cost] definitely more than $1,000; I can’t imagine it being more than a couple thousand,” Farid said. “But in the long-term we think it will ultimately pay its due.