New Year’s Resolution Race: Strong beginnings


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As the first week of 2016 closes out, around 75 percent of Americans still maintain their resolution that they made for the new year, according to Statistic Brain. Within this group of people are the contestants in the New Year’s Resolution Race, who remain on track to their goals with all six students earning full points.

Bearing News asked: What changes have you noticed in yourself this past week?

[vc_empty_space height=”17px”][TS-VCSC-Image-Overlay image=”279933″ hover_type=”ts-imagehover-style2″ overlay_handle_color=”#2bb673″ message=”I’ve actually been feeling a lot better. I’ve had more energy, I’m a lot happier, I’ve been a lot less worried about what I’ve been eating and how it’ll negatively impact my health, so there’s a lot of stress from that that’s been relieved. I’ve been sleeping better, I’ve overall just been a lot more happy. “]

Shray Kumar, senior – 7 points

[TS-VCSC-Image-Overlay image=”279934″ hover_type=”ts-imagehover-style2″ overlay_handle_color=”#2bb673″ message=”I’ve definitely tried to be more positive. If I’m upset or irritated at a situation, I try to stop and be like, ‘Okay, let’s be more positive about it.’ I think that’s helped a lot, I’ve shifted my viewpoint into realizing there’s different sides to everything.”]

Sydney Magee, senior – 7 points

[vc_empty_space height=”17px”][TS-VCSC-Image-Overlay image=”279932″ image_fixed=”true” image_width=”400″ image_height=”266″ hover_type=”ts-imagehover-style2″ overlay_handle_color=”#2bb673″ message=”I don’t feel different because exercise takes a lot of time over a period of time. I don’t think one week will make a significant difference, but I think if I keep working at it, maybe going more than 30 minutes at a time — once I get to that level, I think I definitely will notice a difference.”]

Divya Divya, junior – 7 points

[vc_empty_space height=”17px”][TS-VCSC-Image-Overlay image=”279940″ hover_type=”ts-imagehover-style2″ overlay_handle_color=”#2bb673″ message=”It makes me feel better because I think my mom especially really enjoys spending time with me, especially when I engage her in conversation, and not when she engages me. I’m hoping this resolution will strengthen the relationship I have with my family.”]

Britton Stamps, sophomore – 7 points

[TS-VCSC-Image-Overlay image=”279975″ hover_type=”ts-imagehover-style2″ overlay_handle_color=”#2bb673″ message=”I have gone to bed earlier than 1 a.m., which has impacted me by giving me more energy throughout the day. I haven’t seen any significant changes because with the start of the new semester, I haven’t had many opportunities to procrastinate.”]

Audrey Milyo, sophomore – 7 points

[vc_empty_space height=”17px”][TS-VCSC-Image-Overlay image=”279969″ image_fixed=”true” image_width=”400″ image_height=”224″ hover_type=”ts-imagehover-style2″ overlay_handle_color=”#2bb673″ message=”I feel more focused. I’ve kept mine for the whole 2016 so far and I’m pretty proud of myself. It’s been challenging, but I think I can keep it up.”]

Siena Juhlin, freshman – 7 points

[vc_empty_space height=”17px”]by Alice Yu and Rochita Ghosh
art by Alice Yu
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