‘Bad Santa’ isn’t your typical holiday comedy


Ronel Ghidey

[TS-VCSC-Youtube content_youtube=”https://youtu.be/V6WO7q_80MI”]Joining my five-day countdown until Christmas is Bad Santa. I’m usually not someone who likes cheesy holiday movies which do the basic main issue at the beginning about some kid who doesn’t get the Christmas gift he wanted or about some elf who came from the north pole looking for his dad which contains the cheesy ending where everyone learned their lesson. Sorry, I just really don’t like Elf, but I digress. This movie, Bad Santa does not incorporate any of that at all.  
Directed by Terry Zwigoff, Bad Santa (known as Badder Santa on the unrated DVD version) is a classic because it isn’t your typical Christmas movie.
Santa is a alcoholic con-man. His partner in crime is a bad-mouth elf who just about had it with him. Billy Bob Thornton plays Willie T. Stokes, who accompanied by his partner Marcus (Tony Cox) make their living as professional con-man and every year rob malls that are dumb enough to hire them as Santa and his little helper.
[quote]It shines light on real problems while making inappropriate jokes that are so daunting you can’t help but laugh.[/quote] However, Willie’s numerous personal problems, which range from alcoholism to sex addiction begin to get in the way of his interaction with the children, which causes a rift to form between him and Marcus. What’s worse is that the mall they chose isn’t as dumb as they think, for the store manager, played by the late John Ritter, gets the mall cop to look deeper into their motives.
The mall cop played by the late Bernie Mac, catches wind of their plans, and instead of reporting it in, decides to join in. Meanwhile, an overweight child with family issues he’s too young to understand unexpectedly attaches to Willie, and might make an honest man out of him.
What makes this movie different than most is that it’s not your typical family oriented Christmas movie. It shines light on real problems while making inappropriate jokes that are so daunting you can’t help but laugh. To watch Bad Santa it requires an acquired taste and an open mind, but I guarantee that if you give it a chance it certainly won’t disappoint. If you don’t believe me, just watch the trailer and fall in love yourself.
What kind of Christmas movies do you like? And do you believe Bad Santa deserves to be acknowledged as one of the best Christmas movies?[vc_text_separator title=”Fifth in a five-part series” i_type=”entypo” i_icon_entypo=”entypo-icon entypo-icon-monitor” i_color=”custom” add_icon=”true” i_custom_color=”#2bb673″][vc_basic_grid post_type=”post” max_items=”4″ gap=”20″ item=”basicGrid_NoAnimation” grid_id=”vc_gid:1451537143051-7977d895-ef70-3″ el_class=”Christmas movie reviews” taxonomies=”13278″][vc_empty_space]
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