H2O Art Show douses audience with bleak reality

Ronel Ghidey

Last night at the Balsamo Warehouse downtown, senior Megan Goyette, along her colleagues, hosted an official art gallery to help raise awareness of the global water crisis. This gallery displayed art with mediums that ranged from simple watercolor to a 3D display of a water hose.
Senior Anna Hickman said just participating in the show made her think more deeply on the worldwide water crisis.
“I think it’s really neat that it incorporates all schools from Columbia of all ages and even some pieces from teachers.” Hickman said. “I just think it’s neat that how people of all ages came together to help raise awareness on this serious global issue.”
The water crisis is becoming more of a global issue. Over a billion people worldwide are without access to clean water and every 21 seconds, a child dies from a water-related disease. With facts as startling as these, senior Mckenna Neville jumped at the chance to contribute. For Neville, contributing to the art show gave her a perspective and information on the issue that she didn’t have before.
“I think it really did raise a bunch of awareness.”  Neville said. “At the art show, people saw it. But mostly, the kids that made the art were impacted the most by the show because it made them think about the water crisis in a whole new light and most of them probably never heard of it, or  if they had, they didn’t think about it. I think it was a great experience.”
photos by Ronel Ghidey[TS_VCSC_Lightbox_Gallery content_images=”278296,278297,278298,278299,278300,278301,278302,278304,278305,278303″ content_images_titles=”Anna Hickman admires multiple paintings on the wall,Sculpture by Anna Hickman,Painting by Erin Barchet,Painting by Danni Hrdina,Painting by Hannah Cantin,Painting by Helen Trice,Sculpture by Loren Wright,Senior Mckenna Neville displays her water color,Painting by Alecia Balkew,Painting by Marilise Stamps,,,” el_file1=”” el_file2=””][/TS_VCSC_Lightbox_Gallery]