Adele says, “Goodbye,” to her four-year musical hiatus


Adele holds a micophone

Kat Sarafianos

Adele is back with her new single, “Hello”, ending a more than three year-long hiatus. After Adele’s 2011 album “21” — her age at the time — she is back with her appropriately named new album, “25”.

She announced via Twitter on Oct. 21 that the rest of her album will be released on Nov. 20.

Along with the announcement, she posted a lengthy explanation of what the album means to her as an artist and the roles it plays in her development as an artist.

“My last album was a break up record and if I had to label this one, it would be a makeup record,” the songstress wrote. “I’m making up with myself, making up for for lost time, making up for everything I ever did and never did.”

Adele talks of how she has spent her life wishing it was one thing and never taking the time to simply live it. 

“But I haven’t got time to hang on to the crumbs of my past like I used to,” Adele wrote. “What’s done is done.”
The song itself continues with Adele’s signature powerhouse vocals and piano led accompaniment. The song starts off sounding like a bittersweet plea towards an old lover, but once the chorus hits, it booms into a chilling mix of raw emotion and thunderous vocals.
The release was followed by a haunting music video that shows Adele walking around an empty house trying to clean it up, along with flashbacks of an old lover, which pairs well with the lyrics about being unable to move on.
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