Predicted fashions of the summer


Tatum Pugh

Summer means different things for different people.  For boys it can mean anything from swimming to playing sports or fishing with their friends. But for girls, it’s usually a different story.
With the hot temperatures quickly approaching, many Rock Bridge students have already begun to shop for their new summer wardrobe. These few tips will help anyone to pick out the trendiest clothing for the season.
Elly Bethune of Elly’s Couture, 914 E Broadway, says rompers are the next big thing.
“Rompers, rompers, rompers! I can’t keep them in stock,” Bethune said. “I’m still also doing well with crop tops, but lightweight sweater crop tops have been asked for a lot lately.”
Some of the best fashion advice is  found in the halls of Rock Bridge. Take, for instance, trendy senior Lauren Forrest.
“You can never go wrong with a Piko dress, like a long t-shirt style dress. They are sold in every color of the rainbow,” Forrest said. “If I’m ever having a wardrobe crisis, I always turn to my Pikos.”
When shopping for the summer, it is also important to keep a few things in mind: it’s hot outside, make sure the clothes that you purchase are light weight; the color black draws in the attention of the sun, try to avoid it and other dark colors; and the summer is a very active time, try to purchase a balance of comfortable, athletic clothes, and cute, fashionable outfits.
Brooke Herigon, an employee at Swank Boutique, 913 E Broadway, and also a senior said crop tops and high-waisted shorts are always a must-have for the humid, summer months.
“It’s sort of a retro look. But that kind of fashion is definitely coming back into style now,” Herigon said. “You can see a lot of fashion from previous decades in what people have been wearing lately.”
Also recently making a comeback into the fashion world are Converse.
“Their basic shape and wide variety of colors makes them a must-have for anyone looking for a new pair of shoes this summer.” Herigon said.
Senior Kiley Marshall says she loves her Converse and likes how they go with everything because of their simple design.
“You can never go wrong with a pair of Converse,” Marshall said. “I have red ones and grey ones, and I probably wear both at least once a week.”
There are many local stores and boutiques where these fashions may be sold. So one doesn’t have to go far to find the most popular trends of the summer. But remember, fashion is a personal thing. Wear whatever makes you, personally, feel comfortable and beautiful.
“The perfect outfit for summer, in my opinion, would probably be a denim mineral wash romper, a monogram necklace, gold plated, and some cognac gladiator wedges,” Bethune said. “Also a woven white handbag, some bright-colored Tiffany Rose stud earrings, and Lily and Laura bracelets, a pack of three, to match.”