Seeds of gratitude grow, students reveal benefits of ‘Thankful Thursday’


Photo by Emily Franke

Emily Franke

The EEE room is a very homey place, junior Jodie Bappe said, and EEE teacher Kathryn Fishman-Weaver does a lot to make the room as comfortable and positive as possible for students. During fourth hour on Wednesday, Weaver and Bappe cut the ribbon on the newest addition to the EEE room, which is the fourth ‘Thankful Tree.’
For the past two years, Weaver has encouraged “Thankful Thursdays,” a gratitude routine designed to remind students to think about what they are grateful for at least once during their week. As part of this routine, students write their thanks on a paper leaf and place the leaf on the “Thankful Tree.” Weaver said she learned about this education tool while visiting a friend, an elementary teacher, in California.
“At the time I was doing some research on the science of happiness, and I know from the literature that there’s a correlation between if you can develop a gratitude practice you’re happier in life,” Weaver said. “I wanted to take this idea of a ‘Thankful Tree’ back to Rock Bridge.”[vc_video link=””]By Emily Franke