Boys lacrosse sells Christmas trees to raise money


Lacrosse players have sold almost 10 Christmas trees to students at RBHS. Photo by Madelyn Stewart

Harsh Singh

With the help of Head Motor Company, RBHS boys playing on the same lacrosse team helped raise money for their equipment by selling Christmas trees to students at RBHS. These students set up a stand in the north commons hoping to attract RBHS students to buy a Christmas tree for the holidays.
Senior Eric Glennon said the fundraiser also gave the team an opportunity to bond also.
“Our primary goal is to raise money for the organization,” Glennon said. “ There is a board of parents who decide where the money goes. I imagine that there’s a bonding element to it, too, since it is likely you will work a shift with at least one new guy on the team.”
Team president Daniel Merrifield said the team started this tradition two years, and since then, it has been a success each year.
“Steve from Head Motor Company supplies us trees and gives us some of the profit,” Merrifield said. “ Since we aren’t school sponsored, the money really helps us to buy new equipment or anything like that.”
Almost 40 guys plays on lacrosse team, and Glennon said each of them gives a helping hand which makes the process much easier.
“We get a lot of people out there to help set the tent and everything up, but after that a few guys sign up for each weekend day to go work about a four hour shift,” Glennon said. “We are on track to sell double the amount we sold last year, so it is definitely a success.”
Senior player Jack Maguigad the fundraiser they are doing exemplifies the sport they play.
“Lacrosse is a team sport, and even if one person has a bad game, it can go wrong for the whole team,” Maguigad said. “The same thing goes with this fundraiser. Everyone pitches in to help the team take it to the next level.”
By Harsh Singh