‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ an uncoventional Christmas classic


Renata Poet Williams

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’: a movie most wouldn’t expect to have on a “Best Christmas Movies” list, but I am adamant about featuring it on mine. Tim Burton’s particularly known for having such a unique look and feel to his movies. I call them pleasantly-creepy, which is exactly what emotions ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ will evoke in you.
As a lover of Tim Burton, the man who brought us The Corpse Bride and Edward Scissorhands, this movie musical is delightful and weirdly amusing.
Initially, the film seems like a Halloween movie, because main character, Jack Skellington, is Halloweentown’s pumpkin king. “This is halloween, halloween halloween,” will be stuck in your head after watching the opening scene.
Right away, you can tell Jack isn’t feeling up-to-par. You soon find out he’s bored of the same-old routine of frightening “real-world” people and Jack eventually stumbles into Christmastown, where the real adventure and search for himself begins.
Tim Burton is known for stop-motion animation effects, and this movie does not fail. It is some of the most vigorous, beautifully done and impressive stop-motion pictures of its time- being that it was released in 1993.
The voice acting is impeccable and the singing is to die for- pun intended. I may not have been born when the movie was made, but I still can appreciate its beauty. Children of all ages will enjoy this movie and incredibly enough, adults will find their attention peaked as well.
The meaning of the movie overall can be interpreted anyway, which I believe can be said for any movie. But with The Nightmare Before Christmas, its message is eternal and so is the film. It’s one of those movies that will be seen 50 years from now by kids who are five-years-old.
Although this isn’t the most conventional Christmas movie out there, I still believe it is a true classic. I may not hunker down and watch Christmas movies the whole month of December, but I do find time to lay back and pop this film in.
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[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wr6N_hZyBCk”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93ASUImTedo[/youtube] By Renata Williams