Apps of the Week: The CW, FaceQ and Pocket Road Trip


Renata Poet Williams

New apps come out daily; sometimes it almost seems by the hour. There are so many to choose from, but here are a few that shouldn’t escape your attention this week.
[tabs style=3] [tabs][tab title=”Entertainment”] The CW’s app 
the cwI have recently fallen back in love with two shows on the CWTV network: Whose Line Is It Anyway and America’s Next Top Model. Since I am not a fan of watching shows on an actually TV, because you have to wait for the time they come on and then you have to watch commercials, I am always looking for a way to watch my favorite shows, preferably in bulk, on either my laptop or iPad. Looking for ways, I was happy to see that the CW has all of their shows at the touch of a button online. As well, they have an app that includes every episode as well. The CW’s app is super easy to navigate, with no account required. You just download it, click on a show, and begin watching. It has helped me watch every episode of Whose Line and the past two seasons of ANTM. If you like any show on the CW, getting their app is highly recommended by me.

[/tab][tab title=”Other”] FaceQ
faceqAs I search through apps every week for the next best thing, I tend to download some of the most random ones out there. FaceQ is one of those random ones. It’s essentially an app where you can make little customizable avatars, which is actually how I got my avatar down below. I absolutely enjoy this app to it’s fullest. I sometimes get on just for the fun of it to see who or what I can make next. I’ve made myself, family members, my boyfriend and more. There are so many different ways to customize that I feel as though anyone could get on and get creative. It’s not an essential app by any means, but it’s a cute one that I like to have on my phone just incase I “need” to make an avatar.
[/tab][tab title=”Games”] Pocket Road Trip
pocket tripThis is a game I have been playing for a month now, on and off. It’s oddly addicting, though half the time I am not sure what I am actually doing. You start off with a car that is stuck in full throttle; it doesn’t stop. You touch the screen to rotate the car and swipe down to SLAM your care and to activate the overdrive. There are hills and other obstacles that you use to your full advantage. After each turn, you usually acquire another car into your garage where you can repair, sell and fuse cars together. It’s basically a game where as you play, you kind of get the hang of it without any real directions. I’ve found that it’s not hard to get money, unlike many other games, and it’s very entertaining. Pocket Road Trip is very simple, but I don’t see it coming off of my device any time soon.
[/tab] [/tabs] By Renata Williams