The Eulogy takes on The Bridge


The Eulogy performing at The Bridge Nov.5 photo by Tyson Jamieson

Caylea Ray

Photo by Tyson Jamieson
On Wednesday Columbia based band, The Eulogy, performed at The Bridge for the first time.  I figured The Bridge would be like The Blue Note, the audience would be jumping around, singing along with the band, and I was prepared to act like how

The Eulogy has more of an alternative rock sound that makes you wants to get up and jump around. ”

I normally would at The Blue Note. But  when I entered the venue, most of the audience was sitting down at tables or standing to the side. None the less, The Bridge was filled with people waiting to see The Eulogy perform. The musicians started off with two cover songs, “Lonely Boy” and “Gold on the Ceiling,” both songs by a group I’m not a fan of, the Black Keys. Still, The Eulogy’s unique sound made the songs more enjoyable than I had imagined. After the two covers, they played two original songs,  “Rain” and “Life’s Good I Guess.”
The Eulogy has more of an alternative rock sound that makes you wants to get up and jump around. The audience at The Bridge was diverse, filled with teenagers and adults, and not many were singing or dancing along, which was extremely hard for me not to do. The band then covered “505,” which was one of my favorite songs they performed as I am a huge Arctic Monkey’s fan.
Photo by Tyson Jamieson
The punk alternative band did the Arctic Monkey’s justice and was equally as good, if not better. The lead vocalist and bassist, Mickey Jamieson, also played on a keyboard during “505,” along with singing and playing bass which was highly impressive. I’ve been listening to The Eulogy for almost a year. Their performance did not disappoint and was much better than I had expected. They ended their performance with another original, War Cry of a Fallen Angel, one of the first songs they wrote. It was great to hear my favorite songs live. I highly recommend checking out their music and I’m looking forward to more concerts and new songs from The Eulogy.
By Caylea Erickson
Feature photo by Tyson Jamieson